Blood, Sweat, Tears: Annual Impact 5k


Kitana Ford, Proofreader

The hushed reverberation of the wheels against the gravel fills the air as the fire engine approaches the scene of the 5k. As the doors swing open, members of the Fire Department step out with a look of both melancholy and pride imprinted on their faces. The runners gather along the start line, lying ahead of the firefighters as they make their way to the sidelines. With a shout, the race commences and a cloud of dust remains behind as the runners advance forward—the meaning behind the 5k acting as their source of motivation.

The Second Annual Impact 5k is an event that Chris and Dani Webb, the owners of Shockwave Fitness, put on to help raise funds for the Don Danielson Memorial Scholarship.

To elaborate, the Don Danielson Memorial Scholarship was founded in memory of Don Danielson, a firefighter medic that passed away during an off-duty accident. With the intent to help students advance into their career, the Firefighter’s Association awards the top two students in the EMT class at MCC with the $1,000 scholarship every year.

Reminiscing about the start of the scholarship, Tony Rivello, President of the Firefighter’s Association, talked about its success thus far. “We’ve awarded almost $30,000 worth of scholarships since its inception.”

Additionally, Dani Webb recalls the impact of her partnership with the Firefighter’s Association last year. “Last year we generated $2,300, [which is] enough for almost two and a half scholarships. Hopefully we have raised enough for four scholarships this year, as we have far exceeded what we did last year.”