Books Banned for the use of “Sensitive Topics”


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Journalism Team, Reporter

Should the parents of students or the school be the one to decide whether a student checks out a book? In schools across America, 11,300 books have been banned from school libraries. For students, the school library can be a place for them to easily learn something new or to pick up an entertaining read when a public library may not be accessible. Banning or censoring books for inappropriate language or explicit content is not something new, but when a school goes as far as banning a psychology book or a book that refers to homosexuality, is that really appropriate?

For years, schools across America have been banning books for its use of homosexual characters. “No matter how much a school dislikes it, there will be LGBT students or even professionals such as teachers. Banning books for this reason could even make students think it is wrong to be gay,” Senior Hannah Smith said. For students that label themselves as homosexual, that could easily hinder their thoughts about themselves by thinking it is a negative trait.

Additionally, Lake Havasu High School has banned psychology books because they don’t want kids self-diagnosing. All that seems to be doing is taking away their power to learn. Why should those topics of mental health be swept under the rug? For example, in the novel “13 Reasons Why,” why should those real-life topics be blatantly ignored when we could be taught and informed on them?

“Our students these days have any sort of information by the click of the button and in some cases may get unlucky and learn something that isn’t true. So by the school actually teaching our children about these topics they can be properly informed and not go around thinking something that may be incorrect,” parent Natalie Martin said.  

Books are full of knowledge and informational topics, but when schools only provide fictional books and hide the truth from students, how are they ever supposed to learn? Martin added “When schools ban books, in a way, it is calling out students for being too immature to handle more sensitive topics, but really these topics are only the talking points of students.”