Class of 2020 Experiences Senior Year Like No Other


Ashley Bucknum, Managing Editor


It’s official: Arizona schools will be closed through the end of the school year. Graduation, prom, senior trips, spring sports, and so many other senior traditions have vanished for the class of 2020, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Being a high school senior amidst the coronavirus is unfortunate. Of course, the safety of our family, friends and everyone else around the world is extremely important; but it is still devastating to think that we’ve had our well-deserved senior year cut short. said senior Autumn Porter.

While numerous events and trips have been cancelled, I think several seniors can agree that prom and graduation are the hardest to lose.

Although LHHS’ prom isn’t quite what you see in the movies, it is a special night that seniors look forward to all year and will remember forever. But there won’t be a prom for us, and we’ll never get that chance back.

Furthermore, we’ve worked for 13 academic years to hear our name announced, walk across the stage and receive our diploma. While we aren’t sure what graduation is going to look like yet, it definitely won’t be the same.

To my fellow seniors, keep your head up. My advice to you is to make the most of these next few months; don’t let them slip away from you. Take advantage of your extra free time by taking up new hobbies. And keep working towards your future and finish online school strong.

One thing’s for sure: no other senior class will have a senior story as crazy as ours.