College Credits all Come Down to One Test: Is it Worth It? 


Photo Credit Ashley Bucknum

Showing off his lifelong passion, AP Psychology teacher Ray Anderson is filled with the joy of teaching students the art of Psychology. “What I love most about teaching an AP class is the motivation of the students,” he said.

Ashley Bucknum, Reporter

You sign up for an Advanced Placement (AP) class. Two semesters and nearly one hundred dollars later, the day comes that will decide whether you receive college credits for the course you completed. One day, one test, one chance.

AP is a program that offers college-level courses on our high school campus. These courses expose students to the rigor of a college class during their high school experience. Guidance counselor Sarah Skemp encourages students to take an AP class because it “advances students into the college world” and teaches them to be independent in their studies.

At this time, Lake Havasu High School offers three on-campus AP classes: Biology, Calculus and Psychology. Despite only offering three physical AP classes, LHHS allows students the opportunity to test in any AP subject. Those enrolled in AP courses are required to take the corresponding test. Each AP test costs $94 and takes place in May.

As the current school year nears its end, it’s almost time for AP testing. Soon, students will complete an assessment that will determine their eligibility for college credits. Last year, a total of 90 AP exams were taken at LHHS. Of the 90 students who tested, 51 received a score high enough to earn college credits.

However, some do not favor the structure of AP courses. A common concern is whether a single test is the best way to determine what college credits a student receives. “I think it would make more sense to have your letter grade in the class decide how many credits you get,” junior Cailyn Allen said who is currently taking AP Psychology.

Whether an AP class is beneficial to a student ultimately depends on his or her academic abilities and plans for the future. Prior to deciding on enrolling in an AP course, here are a few pros and cons one should take into consideration.

Infographic Credit Ashley Bucknum