Creative, Unique Ideas to Ask Someone to a Dance


Photo Credit: Trinite Walker

Filled with joy, Crista Campbell just got asked out to a dance with the sign shown above.

Judy Ann Quang, Reporter

What do we associate with the dances? Is it hanging out with friends or with your partner, dancing, taking pictures or making new memories? Or is it that one thing that can give anyone a nerve wracking experience? You may ask what can cause anyone to be nervous? The answer is asking someone out to a high school dance! Here are some helpful ways to ask anyone out to the high school dances


1) Make a cute and cheesy poster or banner for that special person: The first step is to try to come up with a theme that represents the person you’re asking in some way. For example, asking them out with candy or their favorite things. If you are still clueless, try to use pinterest to come up with some ideas or designs to put on the poster or banner. You can use phrases like “Hey smartie pants, All you need to do is take five minutes to read this poster, you may even have a few Snickers. You are Extra funny with Mounds of sass. I wouldn’t trade our friendship for a 100 grand payday, which would be better than an Orbit around our MilkWay! So would you like to have a Fun time with me at the dance.” Another way that you could ask them out is with a college or explosion boxes. To elaborate, explosion boxes allow you to put your favorite memories and pictures inside numerous little boxes, within one big box.

Photo Credit: Judy Quang


2) Surprise the person with gifts: Surprise your loved one with a gift basket filled with the things they like or come up with a theme for the basket. Some examples are their favorite color, flower or aesthetic. If you don’t want to buy a basket or can’t find one, here is a cheap way to create one. Use a shoe box, put paint on the whole entire box, design it, and place the gifts in the box or basket. Remember to make sure the gift can fit in the box. 


3) Ask them out with animals: What do girls like other than their phone? Food and animals! If you want to involve your pet, you could make a sign saying “The dance will be Ruff without you,” or “Will you go with my uncle or aunt to the dance.” Or you could get a rose and make the dog hold it in its mouth, put a tuxedo on the dog, and have a sticky notes on its tuxedo saying “Dance? “yes or yes.” Remember to plan out the day and spend time training your pet.


4) Involve a teacher through kahoot/bellwork/field trip: Ask a teacher or bus driver to help you. Make sure that the teacher helping you has them as a student or is aware of who they are. Tell the teacher your plan and the day you want to ask the person out. Then get ready with a sign or food. You could also get a friend involved and ask him or her to tell your significant other to go to the classroom. Ask them to record it as well so you can always remember it.


5) Ask the person out with food: The first thing you have to do is get a type of food that the person likes. It could be a cupcake, donut, pizza, etc. I recommend writing a note on the box such as,”I donut want to go to the dance with anyone but you.” Another example is “Will you go to the dance with me” written in frosting on a cupcake box and “yes or no?” written on the cupcakes.


Remember you don’t have to have a date in order to have a fun time at a dance. Although many believe dances should be spent with a significant other, they also give you the opportunity to make memories with your best friends. However, it’s always fun to ask your best friend or significant other out to the dances. Who doesn’t want to get asked to a dance in a cute way? I hope you have a fun time asking out your date or friend to the dance. Good Luck!