Dance Guidelines Spark Students Opinion!


Photo credit: Shayna Bhakta

The Dances Guidelines paper that was signed during Knight Times.

Judy Ann Quang, Reporter

Every year there are different implements on the Lake Havasu High School Dance Guidelines; from dress wear to moves on the dance floor. For the new year, there’s a certain rule that has sparked peoples’ opinion: “students are expected to dance in a respectable manner. Inappropriate dancing includes: indecent, extreme, or sexually suggestive,” according to the school guidelines. Students were required to sign a document during their Knight Time class on the fifth of September. As news of this spreads around the campus, students are now realizing that some of their peers from different Knight Time classes were not required to sign this form or they didn’t receive it at all. But countless students have many unanswered questions about the Dance guidelines while some students see both pros and cons with the documents. Even though they did not input any new rules in the dances guidelines this year, the administration is enforcing the rules more this year than any other year. In addition, “Students are not permitted to straddle legs and bend over touching their hand to the ground” according to LHHS Dances Guidelines. They are willing to escort students for breaking any of the rules. 

“Yes! The teacher will escort any students breaking any rules, they will and they should! The teacher are chaperoning it and its there job.” said Vice Principal Shannon Williams. There are two sides to a coin, and some students harbor different opinions about dance guidance.

Photo Credit: Judy Quang
Students of LHHS getting prepare also thrilled to attend one of their last dance.

“I feel like it isn’t worth the effort they are putting in, because I think that most students won’t end up caring and will still dance however they want,” said Junior Shayna Bhakta. When students from different Knight Time read or went over the rules they felt that the rules were too much. When they read or were told from their teacher they would escort them out if you dance inappropriately, they felt like it was too extreme to be escorted out for dancing inappropriately.

“I felt like the guidelines were okay. Instead of being so specific on the rules and kicking us right away for breaking, they should have dance rules where the teachers should give the students three chances before immediately kicking them out if they break the rules.” said Junior Shayna Bhatka. 

Even though the students didn’t like being forced to sign the document and some were even told that if they didn’t sign it they couldn’t attend the dance which made some students mad about the Dance Guidelines. “They should allow the students to make their own decision if they wanted to sign the paper. Some of my friends told me that they were forced to sign it and if they didn’t they couldn’t attend the dance. Even though other students didn’t sign the paper, They know they should act responsibly and mature but we are having fun at the dances to make smart decisions.” But the other side of the coin the administration felt the rules were so specific because of students behavior. “For about 2 years or so we had students that have done inappropriate things on the dance floor and it just disrespectful for themselves. Let alone other students that attended the dance and some of the students don’t want to see certain things going on the dance floor,” said Williams. Having two sides of the coin on how they felt on the dance guidelines. How do you feel about it? Do you agree or disagree with the rules that they have given us? Do you think students will still follow the rules?