DIY Tips For Students To Help Stay Organized


Photo Credit: Brody Port

The designs on the clipboard can correspond to its use to stay organized.

Brody Port, Reporter

School has started and chances are, as a student, you are stressing about a number of challenges. If you aren’t already worked up about one thing or another, something will come along and make you lose your mind. I would like to say that I could make all of that stress go away, but if that was something that I was capable of doing, then I wouldn’t be as crazy as I am. Unfortunately, none of these DIY projects or hacks are guaranteed to make students less stressed, but they can certainly act as a distraction.

Primarily, clipboards are thin boards that have a variety of uses, mainly as a surface for writing. It can be relieving to simply clear all of the paper off of the board when you are done with it. However, it can be even more rewarding to uncover some designs below the mess of papers. Although they are not functional in nature, it can be interesting to have a variety of different designs on it.

Photo Credit: Brody Port
Brown paper bags are a cheap alternative to buying pre-designed book covers.

Next, whiteboards are useful for writing down quick memos and other notes. However, most of them are limited by their size and amount of space that they have. A solution for this is to use whiteboard paint to cover an existing surface. This will then allow you to keep track of various tasks and other important ideas.

Furthermore, busy schedules often require planners and other methods for keeping track of every event you are involved in. However, even with a planner, it can be difficult to find certain events and assignments. Color coding is one solution that can help mitigate this problem and make it easier to find what you are looking for. Whether it be colored sticky notes, customized paper clips, or vibrant highlighters all of them can create a system that makes your life easier. 

Finally, it seems like every class has a textbook to lug around and along with that, the requirement to get it covered. With some mad scissor skills and a trusty YouTube tutorial, you can turn that lovely brown paper bag into something even more glorious. While you might consider it a crime to further deface the beautiful hue of the brown paper bag turned book cover, you also have the freedom to decorate so you can differentiate between your various textbooks.