Early Release is Here to Stay

Nicole Seemann, Website Editor

Ring, ring, ring! The sound of bells resonate through the halls of Lake Havasu High School as students flood the corridors. With newfound energy they make their way home, but this is no ordinary school day—it’s an early release day!

Early release days are coming in full swing this year, switching from every other Thursday to every Thursday. Students and teachers alike have many thoughts on this new, yet welcoming change.

“I like having early release every Thursday; we get out of school earlier, and the classes are shorter,” said sophomore Leslie Castillo. Many students share the same excitement as Castillo. They are more than glad to have a day with shorter classes and love the free time they have in their schedule. “It allows me to spend more time with my friends, which I normally don’t have time for,” said senior Riley Baker. This change not only allows students to spend quality time with companions, but also for jobs, clubs, sports or other events they normally cram into their busy day.

Photo Credit: Nicole Seemann
Smiling as they exit the door, three students head home as they finish school on an early release Thursday.

On the other hand, there is the perspective of the teachers. With the new schedule, teachers are hard pressed to finish their lesson in only 40 minutes. “For me personally, the new schedule hinders what we are trying to accomplish in class. Just by its very nature the days are shorter, it’s gonna be challenging to get through the curriculum,” said DE US History teacher Brian Zemojtel. 

Now, there is more to this Thursday business than just shortened classes. On every early release, the teachers go to school meetings, which means that the amount of meetings this year have doubled. These meetings are a necessity in the development of the school, that provides them with more time to work on professional development and their own training to help students excel, said Zemojtel.

Thursdays are creating quite a commotion at LHHS. What are your thoughts on this new change?