Fight Off Boredom with these Six Creative Ways to Spend your Spring Break


Photo by: Ashley Bucknum

Exploring the wonders of Mainstreet, junior Katie Depuyt demonstrates exciting activities to do during Spring Break. McCulloch Blvd is full of mini stores and restaurants waiting for people to enjoy.

Ashley Bucknum, Reporter

The final bell rings. Students shove their way out of the classroom door. Everyone is smiling, laughing and rejoicing. Spring Break has arrived.

Spring Break is the last break before the school year ends—that is, the last break before another round of finals and tons of stress. Don’t be one of those kids who complains about having nothing to do. “Instead of complaining about being bored during Spring Break, simply enjoy the [experience] of doing nothing,” junior Sofia Moroyoqui said.

Here are six ways to make the most of your Spring Break.

Infographic courtesy of: Ashley Bucknum