Final Game, Seniors Leave the Court


Maddisyn Gonzales, Reporter

A passion is an intense desire or enthusiasm, a sensation coursing through your veins as you’re racing for the last basket with only seconds to spare. People can be passionate about grades or a hobby, but this is about the passion on the court. The seniors of our high school basketball team recently had their senior night, where they walked down the gym floor for the very last time before playing their last home game. A recorded speech plays in the background, but their minds were focused elsewhere as they walked down the court with their loved ones. 

In the speeches, they thanked their coaches and elaborated on how basketball had affected their lives. Many smiles were shown and the team laughed while inside jokes were shared in the recordings. Unfortunately, their last home game wasn’t a win, but they fought hard and had fun while playing their last game. 

Senior Jayden Azar played a huge role in contributing to the performance of the team and was like a brother to all of his teammates. He led the team to multiple victories during his years of playing basketball. Throughout his last year of playing basketball for the school, he has made many memories. 

Azar made many three pointers during this game. I can still hear the announcer say “Azar for the three”

“It was fun, at times difficult, but I enjoyed going on bus rides with my friends and my teammates. It was a good year,” said Azar.

The team played to the best of their ability. Though they faced hardships through the year, such as losing a few players on the way, they ended up pulling together. They might not have won their last game, but they will remember the effort and commitment they put in to get where they are today.

The sport has made a lasting impact on Azar’s life. “It has helped me create bonds in the four years of high school, just getting to know people better and making friends,” said Azar. As said before, they made a team a family. 

The boys may not have experienced the best season by score, but they all agreed that their season resulted in an amazing senior year.