Fire Week Got Lit


Ashley Bucknum, Managing Editor

LHHS has joined the fight against the raging forest fires that have been ravaging Australia since late July of 2019—and they show no signs of stopping. Several organizations have been created to raise awareness to this devastation and countless schools and businesses have contributed through fundraising. 

From February 10-14, LHHS Student Council hosted a number of fundraisers to raise money towards the Australian fires in an event called Fire Week.

During lunch on Wednesday and after school on Thursday, students had the opportunity to soak LHHS staff for $1 at the Teacher Dunk Tank. Four teachers participated: Mr. Strom, Mr. Cooper, Mrs. Locatis and Mrs. Malerba.

Seconds from becoming drenched in water, Malerba watches with worry as the basketball nears the net. As one of four teachers participating in the Teacher Dunk Tank, Malerba was excited to be a big part of the fundraising towards the Australian fires.

In addition to the Teacher Dunk Tank, PZA hosted a food night on Wednesday and Thursday where they sold “fire pizzas.” Unlike most food nights, where a portion of the money is donated, PZA donated 100% of the fire pizza proceeds towards the Australian fires.

Finally, the last Fire Week event was heart-guessing. During lunches throughout the week, students could pay $1 to guess the amount of candy hearts in a jar. Although no one guessed the exact amount, which was 269, the candy hearts will be given out to the closest guessers.

Unfortunately, a few of the events Student Council planned for Fire Week never took place. “Sometimes there was a problem with paperwork, which is why there weren’t crush cans this week,” said Fire Week Event Chair Simon Suminski. Koala plush toys were to be sold at lunches as well; however, paperwork was never submitted as some event moderators were skeptical of its profitability.

Despite these setbacks, Suminski says Fire Week was a success. “We fundraised a lot of money and are making a large charitable contribution to the fires in Australia.” Although the battle isn’t over, Australia is not alone as the rest of the world continues to aid in this disastrous fight against the fires.