Five Helpful Tips for Finding that Dream Car


Samantha Martin, Reporter

Calling all student drivers and fellow car hunters. If you have been searching for information and tips on buying a car, then this is for you. Most teens are closely monitoring the money they have, and cars, even used ones, can be a pretty penny. “It’s important to have an adult help you so you don’t get scammed,” sophomore Bailey Wallace said. For teens between the age 15-16, purchasing a car is commonplace and may have to take them through the rest of high school and college.

Photo credit curtesy of Samantha Martin
Car Hunting tips for teens


  • Plan your budget: budgeting your money and having a savings plan is the most vital step in car buying. According to CarMax a teenagers biggest mistake when car hunting is not having a solid plan to buy their first car.   
  • Know the difference between wants and needs: Knowing the difference between what you want and what you need in a car is key. When you go car shopping, you can’t go out with a mindset of getting the the best, newest or coolest car just to show up your friends. Make sure you go out with the approach of suiting your needs, such as safety and low cost.
  • The test drive: Once the steps above have been completed, it’s time to test drive. Test driving is important when finding that ideal car. By test driving you can see how the car feels, rides and the different types of features that it offers. If possible, test drive the car during the day but then make time to drive during the night to ensure the car is the one you want to purchase.
  • The skill of negotiating: Most new and used car dealerships will negotiate a better price. Even a small price drop is better than anything. Another tip is going into the negotiation process with knowledge and understanding of other comparable cars and their prices. In addition, do not be afraid to walk out on the owner especially if the prices are artificially inflated or over priced.

The after party: The aftermath of buying a car is also important. Furthermore taking care of a car is prime. Oil changes and tire rotations are important to increase your car’s longevity.