Food for the Soul: Cooking Relieves Anxiety for Future Chef  

Kitana Ford , Proofreader

Flames of ambition arise; her eyes stay focused on the task at hand. The flames ignite on the stove; a delectable aroma finds its way to her nose as she creates a dish for her customer.

Sophomore Lilly Tank is driven by her passion for cooking as she improves her skills through school activities like FCCLA Nutrition and the Culinary Wave Program.

In fact, cooking has become not only her passion but her safe haven. Tank was diagnosed with anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at a young age, which ultimately affected her performance in school. However, in the fourth grade cooking entered her life, and her symptoms lessened.

To this day, cooking remains her place of comfort. With the inspiration from her stepdad, her passion for cooking has intensified.

Correspondingly, when she is asked to relay her plans for the future, images of her own restaurant come to mind.

Additionally, her mother has been her biggest influence throughout her life. “My mom has always been there for me [throughout] my whole life and has taught me everything I know.”  

Overall, Tank has used her passion to overcome the challenges she has faced since her childhood. The determination that resides within her is her drive for success.

Photo credit: Kitana Ford