From Grass to Knight Heads: Senior Gifts Through the Years


Photo Credit Danielle May

The class of 2016’s gift currently resides near A Hall.

Danielle May, Website Assistant

What will the senior class gift be this year? To find out more, the Knight Life (KL) interviewed key members from Student Council (StuCo): Adviser Ginny Sautner and seniors Shelbie Anderson and Samantha Zilberman.  

What are the senior gifts?

Senior classes donate an item to the school each year both to give back and leave a legacy.

How long have they been doing senior gifts?

Senior gifts are a long-running school tradition. StuCo adviser Ginny Sautner recalls the seniors hosting them for 15 years, believing them to have originated beforehand.

What are past notable senior gifts?

Some previous senior gifts are housed in the quad area, such as landscaping, grass turf and a bench. Used for football games, they also gave an inflatable Knight head that the players run through at the start of the game. Letters were changed on a marquee for announcements before its digital touchscreen successor.  

How does the senior class decide on what to give?

Deciding on which gift to give is done through a process. First, the Student Council asks administration, teachers and students for suggestions, surveys other high schools and sees areas at LHHS that could use improvement. Ideas are researched before voting on four or five.

Where do the funds come from for the senior gift?

Over the course of four years, StuCo raises funds for senior gifts through school dances and other events. The amount is cumulative over the four years.

When did the seniors start planning for this year’s?

Planning for the 2019 gift, which has not been revealed, began in August. Although they tend to be finalized before Spring Break, vendor details in order to purchase continue to be confirmed.

Anderson: “It was actually [senior] Peyton Luzzi’s idea, and we’re excited to make his vision of the senior gift come to life.”

Zilberman: “It’s something that can be used in multiple different settings, so it really affects the entire student body multiple times throughout the year. It’s not just something that you see once affecting a small group of people; [it] is really for the whole school to benefit.”

When will the gift debut?

Unlike previous donations, it’s projected to be in place during the week of Prom and in use by the end of May.

While the gift itself was never revealed during the interview, the KL predicts that it will relate to something surrounding sports.