Future Air Force Member Learns Meaning of Perseverance  

Kitana Ford, Proof Reader

With a paintbrush in hand and a canvas placed in an easel, she creates a scene with the intricate strokes of her brush. With a deep inhale, she pauses and allows her mind to wander with thoughts of nostalgia and images of what lies ahead.

In her childhood, junior Hannah Balasabas spent her days playing soccer on the fields of Starline Elementary. As she grew older, it was activities such as soccer that gave her peace of mind. As she transitioned into high school, she was drawn towards clubs that had similar effects.

Throughout high school, Balasabas has spent her time being dedicated to the National Honor Society where she has learned skills she will take into her career, which she envisions involving the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

As for what has inspired her to pursue this career, the inspiration came from her godfather and the military itself.

Additionally, her mother has been her biggest influence as she has taught her the true meaning of perseverance. Five years ago, when Balasabas was still a child, her mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Through her experience, Balasabas was taught many life lessons that she will take with her into adulthood. “How she persevered and dealt with all her problems made me realize that the trials I’m going through don’t compare to what she is going through.”
Correspondingly, she has some advice for all of those who are reading. “No matter what you are going through, and it might sound cheesy but, you need to know that it will pass. Stay resilient, and have courage.”