Future Leaders Take Their First Step into World of NHS   


Photo courtesy of: Eboni Boyd

Eboni Boyd, Proofreader

With dim lights and candles flickering, 60 high school students decked out in suits and dresses officially became members of National Honor Society (NHS). An event that took weeks of preparation to create a perfectly timed program all came together in one night to recognize and celebrate the hard work and dedication of students who have demonstrated the four main purposes of NHS: character, scholarship, leadership and service.

Each NHS induction varies across schools around the country. Most put tassels around the inductees’ neck, but at the high school the ceremony is a little different. Instead of a tassel, the LHHS knights are knighted, or accoladed, with a sword much like a medieval knight.

 The induction ceremony opened with a speech from NHS club advisor Ashlee Byerley before going into another speech by math teacher Larry Olsen, who was chosen as the NHS honored educator.

At each induction ceremony, four of the club officers read a speech they have prepared, explaining their own definition of one of the four purposes. After that, they began inducting the incoming NHS members. Each student walked on stage and kneels on the floor to be knighted before getting up to write their name as well as graduation year in the chapter membership book. Then, they proceeded to the bleachers with the rest of the inductees.

After each student was inducted, they pledged themselves to NHS and promise to continue to strive towards living out the four purposes.

“National Honor Society truly is a prestigious society that recognizes the fire within these students to reach out beyond themselves in order to serve and grow as young student leaders,” Byerley said.

As official NHS members, they will begin preparation for their life after high school as they grow into the future leaders of America.