Get Involved!


Photo Credit: Abby Lovell

Students can have fun while being involved in school. Mock Rock gave students the opportunity to show off their amazing dance moves.

Jessica Deacon, Reporter

“Student Council is a group of student leaders who work with an adult advisor to collaborate with others to impact their school community,” according to 2008-09 TASC State Officers and District Presidents. While Student Council (StuCo) does make a big impact on LHHS’ school community, students don’t have to be in StuCo to be involved in school. 

“Students can do extracurricular activities, such as sports or clubs,” sophomore Carson Balboni, current Key club member said.

Getting and staying involved in school comes in many forms. Teens can play sports, volunteer, tutor other students, be a teacher’s assistant, join or start a club, or even get an internship or mentorship. “Students can sign up for events,” explained Student Council member Ashley Trafecanty, sophomore.  Some recent events that students could have signed up for are Mock Rock and Fear Factor. It can be fun and easy to stay involved in our school. Additionally, when students get involved in events on campus it improves their chances of appearing in the yearbook.

Students should stay involved to live the full high school experience. High school is where adolescents learn, grow and make important choices. The more involved the more they can explore and thrive.

Photo Credit: Abby Lovell
The cheerleaders rocked Mock Rock. Their dance routine was short but sweet.