Goodbye Fall Sports, Hello Winter Sports


Photo Credit: Jessica Deacon

Girls soccer tryouts started with deep stretches and then went on to kicking balls amongst themselves. The hard work these girls put into their sport was evident. “We had a very good year last year and we want to do all of that, plus make it higher into State,” said head girls soccer coach Josh Kistler.

Judy Ann Quang, Reporter

 As the Fall season comes to an end and we say goodbye to the fall players, involved in football to volleyball. Furthermore, we anticipate that all of the players will enjoy the season as much as those in the stands enjoy watching them play. Many memories have been created during the fall season from the Golden Shovel game to the Fun Run. The school year is winding down, the leaves are changing colors and the weather is becoming chilly as winter sports begin— basketball, wrestling, and soccer. To those who tryout, good luck and remember to show your dedication. Celebrate the victories your team wins, use your losses for motivation during the next game and show your school spirit.