How Students Choices Affect Their Future  

How Students Choices Affect Their Future     

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Samantha Martin, Reporter

Stressed, overwhelmed and trying to adjust to all things teen—many teens today can find themselves being overly stressed with all of the tests and mountains of homework. Some find it hard to find a sweet spot between an active social life but still make smart choices like keeping grades strong. While struggling to find the balance, poor choices can be made. Before students are 18, they can get their record expunged so the choices they make while in high school won’t be visible.

Although teens can start from 18 years old with a clean record, this doesn’t mean that someone’s past won’t haunt them in the future.


Why would anyone care to bring it back up?

Take the recent case with Brett Kavanaugh for example. According to CNN news, “Kavanaugh has repeatedly denied the allegations, but his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, says there was one other person in the room when the alleged incident took place: Kavanaugh’s then-classmate, Mark Judge.” These allegations were mainly from his high school years; people were pulling information and incidents from just this time period.


Making poor choices or mistakes in high school is inevitable, but that is how you learn.

Today, everyone is aware that sharing on social media is universal, so after something gets shared or put on social media it can be spread across an entire canvas where people will continue to share and potentially ruin one’s reputation.


Thus, caution and responsibility is key.

How can students find a happy medium between school and having fun with friends, including social media while still making smart choices and not getting themselves into a negative setting?

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Former LLHS student Kaleb Crowell, class of ’18, said, “In high school, I believe I did find a happy medium between school and still having a social life. There were always moments where things would get rocky, but teachers are very understanding and willing to work with you and help you in times of need.” High school is meant to be enjoyable, and there are so many ways to enjoy it without giving into peer pressure or doing something that will have negative consequences. One major way is to find what motivates and inspires you.

Former LHHS student Natasha Stuart, ’17 said, “I found it natural to find a balance; you need to focus on school first because the way you act in school can get out especially on social media. Some things can follow you through job interviews [for jobs] that you really might need.”

If you find a passion or already have found one, work towards it. This will help you put your time and energy into something productive rather than toxic. Also learn from your past mistakes; don’t continue to do something that you know will get you in trouble time after time. Lastly, be cautious with what you put on social media or allow others to record. High school is a time where students can find themselves and prepare for their future as they shift from being kids to being adults.