Is Early Graduation For You?


Reyna Arellanes, Reporter

Eager to leave high school early? For those who are, they’re given the opportunity to graduate either a year or semester early, but is it really worth it? For some students who want to start college already, yes it is.

“It’s good for me because I’ve always felt like university is my calling, so to start it early has been really exciting,” said senior Haylee Petersen. For her, graduating early is giving her an exciting head start on her college/career path. But, it’s not as easy as it seems.

In order to graduate early, students not only need to be at the academic level of a senior, but they also need to fulfill their credit requirements. To get those credits, students must get ahead by taking senior English, math and social studies. This can be done in summer school or doing something extra along the way that’s helping get those extra credits, said Lake Havasu High School counselor Kathleen Stengel. 

A tip from Petersen is “don’t procrastinate, just do it, just kill it.” Perhaps, this can motivate other students who are interested in graduating early to complete their tasks on time. 

The final downfall would be leaving friends early, especially for those who’ve lived here their entire life or most of it because they have to leave all of the people they’ve grown up with. Commonly, after highschool people don’t keep in touch with their former classmates, so is leaving them early really that big of a deal? 

This year LHHS has had a handful of students graduating a semester early, and two to three full year early grads. 

Graduating a semester early one still gets to graduate with their original graduating class, but they’ll just have completed their requirements a semester early and get the rest of the semester off. This can be beneficial for students who want to start working full time and earn money before going off to college. 

Overall, early graduating can be both beneficial and not beneficial, it really depends on the student. If a student really wants to graduate early, they must complete the time and work needed to do so.