LHHS Mascot Remains Mystery, Puzzles Student Body


Photo credit Savannah Fleisch

The mascot costume that the mystery person wears

Savannah Fleisch, Reporter

What is one figure every game, pep assembly and meet at LHHS has in common? They constantly pump up the crowd and bust out those sweet dance moves—do you have a guess yet? It’s our mascot: the Knight. The mascot costume has recently gone through a remodeling. The old one had a more bulky design.

Photo credit website of Lake Havasu High School


 The new Knight is more realistic like the hero of a fairy tale. The current junior who is the Knight (but wanted his identity kept secret) said, “People think I’m the Knight because of my shoes. I think the costume can use some realistic shoes.” 


So, who is the Knight? It can be anyone. You could be sitting next to the Knight right now. Maybe it’s better not knowing; maybe keeping the mystery going of the Knight in shining armor is for the better. Student Council Advisor Ginny Sautner explained that it’s important to keep the mascot a mystery because it symbolizes this school, and the students who follow the virtues of the Knight. Revealing his or her identity would be a travesty because it would come to represent that one person rather than our whole school. Confusion is taking over as no one knows who the Knight is. Will he be revealed at the end of the year?  Junior Evan Jones said, “I have no clue who the Knight is. It could be a boy or a girl.” In the end, who the Knight is doesn’t matter; the Knight will always be a symbol of virtue that will live on in this school’s history forever.