LHHS Varsity Baseball Wins Regional Title

Samantha Martin, Reporter

Throughout the years at Lake Havasu High School, baseball teams have come and gone, but this year’s 2019 varsity baseball team took an incredible win. The Knights baseball team have recently won a regional title after decades of trying to reach this accomplishment. The boys have worked to get to this point in the season for not only themselves and the team but also to represent their school in a well-fashioned manner. “I feel like this was a really great accomplishment, but no one could have done this by themselves. I’m proud of the whole team and how they stepped up this year,” senior James Masden said.

Taking this win meant the boys were able to step up and try their best, but what is a team without a coach? Even though the boys do all the work out on the field, who’s in the dugout cheering them on and staying late nights at practice to make sure these boys are giving it their all? Coach Craig Bolton has been coaching baseball at LHHS since 2012 but became head coach for varsity in 2016.

Not only does he have the “passion” of being a coach at LHHS, but wins also reflects the well-rounded coach who has been through the whole season with these boys. “I work very hard at inspiring the boys to work hard and fight through adversity.” He explained that they understand that failing is an important part of success, and that If they “keep believing, make sacrifices, and are willing to work hard,” they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. The varsity baseball team has set the bar high, and Lake Havasu High School can only hope for more talent to come.

Photo Credit Taeya Martinez
Working hard is just part of the game. Sophomore Cole Fuller makes his way to home plate. “I think it reflects on how hard we play the game,” Coach Craig Bolton said.