Love, Pups, Cuddles: Oh My!


Sawyer, the Labradoodle, has spent a long day at LHHS but all of the love and cuddles are worth it. Sawyer is three years old and has been a therapy dog for about a year.

Samantha Martin, Social Media/Business Manager

Feeling overwhelmed or stressed out? These trained pups goal is to help students destress and smile. The program Love on a Leash started in the early 1980s. Love on a Leash is a type of pet therapy where the animal teams up with the owner to attend schools, hospitals and nursing homes to provide a sense of comfort. These pups are not service animals, their main purpose is to provide people with comfort and love. Even if people need greivance counseling, the dogs know exactly what they need to do. Anyone can have their animal become a therapy animal with extensive training. Sawyer’s owner Chris Nelson said her dog was evaluated and passed; then he had to work with somebody a couple of times before he could go out on his own.