Make a List, Mark it Twice: Ten things to do in High School 


Judy Ann Quang, Reporter

As all of you take another step closer to graduating, you look back on everything you’ve accomplished. Hopefully, you feel that the last four years of high school were the greatest experiences of your life. For people who don’t feel like their high school experience was the greatest, here is a checklist of 10 things to attain in order to have the best four years of high school:

1.) Try to make a legacy for yourself. What this entails is making your mark in high school. This could be done by being on the team to win the Golden Shovel game, becoming a president or vice president of a club, having perfect attendance and so much more. Try to do something that will make you unforgettable for the four years you have, with both teachers and students.

2.) Figure out what you want to do after you graduate. Don’t be that senior that doesn’t know what to do when they graduate high school. Find something that you are passionate about, and use that drive to discover opportunities in high school related to your passion. It might just lead you into your career.

3.) Try something that is outside of your comfort zone. For example, ask your crush out on a date or to a dance. Maybe try to make some new friends, or find a new hobby.

4.) Join a couple of clubs with a few friends, such as Key club, Art club, Pride Alliance, FBLA, Hosa and many others. If you want to enjoy your high school experience to the fullest potential, join a club. You could make long lasting friendships, irreplaceable memories, and end up enjoying what high school has to offer.

5.) Take a bunch of pictures with your friends at a couple of school events or spirits days. That way, you can show your school spirit and have memories with your friends that will last forever. After all, taking photos will keep your favorite memories alive and ensure they are not forgotten.

6.) Go to dances with your friends or with a date. Dances include Homecoming, Winter Formal and lastly, Prom. It’s important to experience the thrill of going to one of the dances and have fun with the people you care about. Who knows, maybe it could end up being a memorable night that you will always cherish.

7.) Join a sports team. There is an array of options such as football, baseball, softball, volleyball and more. If you have an interest in or enjoy playing sports, try it out. Sports are important because you can experience the close family nature of a team, travel to new places and have fun.

8.) Go to a different country or state, and if you can’t afford it, join some clubs like Education Tour Group (ETG) or Close up which involve traveling. You can fundraise for the trip or use tax credit. While traveling, you will experience different cultures, different cuisines and gain more knowledge about the countries or states you are visiting.

9.) Participate in school events. There are many school events, ranging from Fear Factor, the Talent Show, Knights After Dark and more. Try to get out of your comfort zone and showcase your hobbies or talents at school. You could win first place or become a fan favorite at of one of these events.

10.) Face your biggest fears. You don’t have to succeed this feat in a single day; try to make baby-steps. Once you conquer your fears, you’ll feel like nothing can bring you down.