Mock Rocking You Out of Your Socks


Photo Credit: Abby Lovell

Teaching may not be the only thing he can do, history teacher, Robert Testa throwing an ultimate throw back to Elvis Blue Suede Shoes.

Leyton Schrotberger and Abby Lovell

Singing, performances, and a whole lot of laughter are just a couple of words to describe the Mock Rock performances of 2019. Student Council’s annual event hit the Performing Arts Center on Wednesday, October 16. With it came entertainment from the various clubs, teachers, and classes who signed up to compete in the event. Whether groups decided to bring props, dress up, or use the stage lights, the goal for all of the performers is simple, impress the judges by singing and dancing along to a variety of songs. After all the teams finished, every performer gathered on stage in front of hundreds of parents and students, and the judges rewarded the Class of 2020 with first place.