New Students’ Warm Welcome


Photo Credit: Jessica Deacon

Students meet up with their friends for lunch. This includes new and returning students alike.

Jessica Deacon, Reporter

LHHS is a school with plenty of advanced programs providing a variety of classes and opportunities for new and returning students. However, what if you are new to the district or even Lake Havasu?  Is the LHHS environment as welcoming as new students may want?

This fall, Lake Havasu High School gained 151 new students to the district. This makes 1,836 students walking through the LHHS hallways, which is a major difference compared to the 1,775 students last year. If you feel the overwhelming sensation that too many people are crowding the hallways, this may be why.

The large amount of new students not only affects the students who have been here a while, but it also affects the new students. Senior Jayden Tribble, who has just transferred here from Colorado Springs, explained some of her experiences so far have been good. “It’s high school and every high school is pretty much the same.” 

Also, freshman Alex Call said, Call has had pleasant encounters with both the student body and staff. The teachers here have been “pretty welcoming” still enforcing their rules and regulations, but overall “they’re pretty nice.”