Psychology Major Chooses Profession in Teaching


Photo Credit: Abby Lovell

Eric Cooper lets his class work together on a review packet. This year Cooper is a new history teacher to LHHS. He said he decided after subbing last year that he wanted to work for the district.

Abby Lovell, Reporter

With the 2019-2020 school year beginning, there’s a new World History teacher, Eric Cooper. Cooper likes to spend his days fishing and going out on the water. He spent last year being a substitute teacher for the district. 

After some experience with teaching students, he went to the school district during the summer and said he wanted to be a teacher. “I got a long-term sub job. It’s kind of out of the blue, but it fell in my lap, and I fell in love with it,” Cooper said. 

Even though he is an intern teacher, Cooper is still getting his certificate in history and enjoys teaching at LHHS school because he likes to create a happy learning environment. While working towards certification, he will continue to teach the history class. 

On the other hand, he also likes to relax and play video games. His favorite video game to play is Fortnite, so he bonds with his students and enjoys teaching in a great learning environment. Basically, Cooper likes to teach at LHHS for many different reasons, one of them being the bond he can make with students. During college, he majored in human services and psychology. 

Overall, Cooper seemed fairly laid back and enjoyed what he was doing.