Science Teacher Tackles Work, Extracurriculars Daily


Stefani Chase holding her guinea pig, one of her many class pets.

Jasmine Garcia, Proofreader

From elementary to high school, high school to college, then…back to high school? With a Bachelor’s degree in Earth Science, science teacher Stefani Chase has dedicated six years of her career to sharing her education and passion with students.

Chase has been considered one of the school’s most involved teachers as she is an adviser in several clubs. Of which include AOK Club, STEM Club, Dungeons and Dragons Club and Speakeasy, leaving her planner constantly covered in ink. 

Along with extracurricular activities at school, Chase devotes her time to activities off campus as well. These include her membership in a Space Exploration team as well as her general interests in golfing, baking, cooking and watching television. 

With her job as a teacher, her involvement in clubs and her never ending interest in her hobbies, life can become overwhelming. “I try to hang out with some of my friends and colleagues. Some days if it’s too much, you just have to take a day off and get caught up or recuperate.” 

Chase featured with her student, Alexa Weise and co-advisor, Frei at the STEM science olympiad last year.

Her openness and ingenuity enables her to thrive in her career, allowing her to create strong bonds with students in her classroom and even with those that don’t have her class. “It’s about prioritizing and flexibility. We just do one task at a time and tackle each day as it comes,” said Chase confidently. 

With about 150 students per year, she always puts forth the effort to make each student feel comfortable and accepted. Her classroom is filled with constant laughter and smiles, along with her beloved Science Fun Fact of the day.