Senior Spotlights: Years of Commitment end off Right Foot


Photo Credit: Brandon Vega

Pellerin gets his arm raised for victory for one of the final times in front of Lake Havasu High School.

Brandon Vega and Karley Glover

In life, we all are going to eventually end a chapter in our story that took years to write. Now for seniors, Robert Samsoe, Earle Parra, Kyler Green and Cory Pellerin, countless hours of dedication and love of wrestling have come to a close.
For Samsoe, he’s competed in wrestling since 4th grade and has fallen in love with it ever since. “It’s shown me how to go through difficult situations and to keep grinding for what you want in life.” As he walked into the New Gym on January 23 knowing this is the final time he will compete in front of the home crowd, he put on a show. He won his first match 14–2 with a pin in the third period. Then his second match ended 7–0 with a pin in the first period. His loved ones were all smiles as they listened to his speech thanking LHHS for the memories.
Now on the path to graduate and the way to the real world, Samsoe enlisted in the Marine Corps after graduation. Wrestling impacted that decision because it was “the challenge of taking on an opponent” and not backing down.
Starting a little later in wrestling than Samsoe has not slowed down Earle Parra. He started in 7th grade. Now as a senior, he’s done as much as a high school wrestler can possibly do. Through competing in many tournaments during the offseason and going to the podium in many meets and tournaments during the actual season, he has shown everyone his potential. On the top of the list for what he will take away from wrestling is the family and brothers he has gained throughout the years. “Without wrestling, I probably wouldn’t have met Rob, Cory and others that I am very close with and wouldn’t have that bond with brothers that I currently have.”
Heading into the New Gym too, Parra made sure he was going to go out on the right note. He won his two matches by a landslide with the opponents barely earning any points. During the senior night celebration, he walked confidently and happily as he heard his accomplishments and voice for all he did throughout the four years.
He also plans on enlisting to join the Marine Corps after graduation and thanks wrestling for getting him mentally and physically ready for his work post-graduation.
Additionally, Kyler Green and Cory Pellerin walked out victorious, which added to the happy moments throughout the night. Senior night is always an emotional and proud night for those attending. Balancing both school and sports, mornings and nights spent on practicing and training, the blood, sweat and tears—senior year is one of a kind.