Seniors Aspire Towards Zoology, Medical Field Futures

Taeya Martinez, Business Manager


As the final semester of high school begins for these seniors, they start reflecting back on their last four years at LHHS and how it influenced what they hope to do in the future. While not all plans for the future are set in stone yet, these seniors have a basic idea of what they might look like.

Throughout high school, senior Sydney Huffman played soccer, softball, cross country and track and field. She was soccer team captain her freshman year and earned the title of Region III Divisional Champion in cross country. Having played soccer the last four years, she hopes to play soccer in college while majoring in environmental sciences. Her drive for these goals comes from her parents, who she considers her role models, that taught her to have a strong work ethic.

Since Huffman was involved in many sports, being a part of a team is what she will miss most about high school. “Playing right beside the same girls for four years through good and bad games helps bring us together not only as friends but as family.” She highly encourages incoming students to join sports because it was one of the best decisions she made.

Some extra advice Huffman has for incoming students is to envision the moment you will receive your diploma during tough times. This is how she focuses on finishing her senior year along with accomplishing her dream of pursuing wildlife management and zoology.

Before her time in high school expires, Huffman wants to reflect back on all the memories she’s made by visiting all her favorite hangout spots with her friends. While doing this, she hopes to make more memories before she leaves Lake Havasu City.

Similar to Huffman, senior Noah Boyd hopes to enjoy his last moments of high school with his friends and family. He advises those coming into high school to enjoy it and not rush because it goes by so fast. He said to be grateful for the time you have while in high school and to not take advantage of it.

During Boyd’s four-year-experience at LHHS, he had the honor of becoming captain of the basketball team. Receiving the chance to play on the basketball team for all four years was his favorite part about high school. Since he played for so long, being able to compete for a title or regular season game win will be what he misses most. Aside from basketball, Boyd has taken interest in the medical field. Post high school, he plans to attend an Emergency Medical Technician school to study to become a paramedic.

These seniors have made so many memories over the last four years that they will always remember. Wherever they go, they will always have those with them to remember the good old days. While there is so much about high school that they will miss, they are also excited for what their future holds.