Seniors Share Memories


Photo Credit: Jacob Magdaleno

Showing her passion for art, Emma Walbourne expresses her joy for painting and drawing.

Jacob Magdaleno, Reporter

Leaving school at lunch is just one of the many benefits of being a senior. As new students explore the campus, they will face a variety of experiences for the next four years. Three seniors would like to reflect on what has been the most exciting for the past four years.

Every year, students collect their best and worst memories on campus. All of these memories can reflect back during senior year, the final step before adulthood. From enjoying art class to homework stress, favorite and not-so-favorite memories have been in mind for a couple of seniors.

Hard work pays off when it’s time to leave at 12:30 pm your senior year. Senior Kelley Walker reflects on her early release schedule everyday. “I get to go home and just relax,” said Walker, who has worked hard to get to her favorite moment.

However, the cell phone policy is not her most favorite part on campus. “Cell phone holders are my least favorite. The punishments for them are too excessive,” asserted Walker.

Although getting out of school early is a reward, staying at the school for talent is just as rewarding. Senior Emma Walbourne has been spending her time in the art room, pursuing her passion. “The teacher is very relatable, which makes the class more fun,” said Walbourne. Her skill and talent always keeps her motivated to be herself as a result of her art teacher’s influence.

Photo Credit: Jacob Magdaleno
Emma Walbourne is working on a realistic scratch art project.

Art class can be a fun way to express yourself, but for Walbourne homework does have the same effect. 

“Homework is not my favorite. I want to go home and just sleep, but sometimes I forget that I have to do homework and that sucks,” said Walbourne.

Senior Kassandra Perez also agrees that homework can be a struggle. “You don’t have enough time to do it as you progress in the school year,” explained Perez.

However, Perez believes that making memories holds the most value on campus, especially with her friends. “Those memories turn into moments that you will remember after high school,” said Perez, who has made her best moments the most valuable as she transitions into adulthood.

As the three prepare for life beyond high school, they leave behind a little bit of advice to the class of 2023.

“Friends will stop talking to you, and others will make memories with you. Make the most out of the memories that you will remember after high school,” said Perez.

“If they get their credits early and work hard in their early years they too can get off at 12:30 pm,” said Walker.

“They could find the art class more fun and find different ways to express themselves,” said Walbourne.

With the advice given, they hope that others can find their passion during their four years on campus.