So Many Options, Not Enough Opportunities


Eighth grade Thunderbolt students visit the Lake Havasu High School publications (yearbook) and journalism class.

Reyna Arellanes, Reporter

Transitioning from middle to high school can be exciting and scary, and students will already be making choices to set them up for their future. 

Every year the Thunderbolt students get to tour the Lake Havasu High School campus’ Career Technical Education classes and get an idea of what electives they may want to take. The CTE courses are a great way to guide students in the career path that that individual is interested in. 

Here at LHHS, there is a wide range of classes students can take. 


  • Law and Public Safety: instructional program prepares students to perform technical services involved with planning, organizing, researching, directing and controlling functions and processes related to the provision of Law, Public Safety and Security services.
  • Early Childhood Education: year long course will open the door to careers in the early childhood education field.
  • Software and App Design: designed to provide incoming students with the training necessary to allow the student to sit for their national Microsoft certification and become a Microsoft Certified Personal (MCP) in Software Development. 
  • Studio Arts and Graphic Design: This class focuses on both the technical use of materials and the history of visual arts. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator play an integral role in the creative process in the course. Completion of this course allows for entrance into the visual arts course


  • Music and Audio: provide incoming students with the training necessary to secure employment in either the digital audio and/ or video fields, with an emphasis on digital audio recording, mixing, and editing, as well as, video filming, recording, and editing.
  • Business Management: focus on both large and small businesses relative to: Developing Management and Leadership Skills, Marketing Concepts, Career Development, Communication Skills, Seeking Employment, Work Skills, and Business Technology.
  • Allied Health Biology-Nursing Services: Emphasis is on fundamental principles governing living things, their function and origin, and principles of health and human body.
  • Stagecraft: gain a yearlong introduction into Technical Theater and will be trained in the fundamental skills including: arts management, theater history, stagecraft, sound, lighting and costume design. 
  • Engineering: for those students who like to solve problems. Like ‘detectives’, students will learn how to interpret customer concerns, look for diagnostic clues, and perform testing to determine the ultimate cause of a vehicle not performing as it should.
  • Cabinetmaking: designed to provide incoming students with the training necessary in the construction field, as a whole, with an emphasis on fundamental tool identification and use, three view drawing and safety procedures for the beginning students in the Fundamental Engineering course.
  • Automotive Technologies: for students who want to learn more than just changing the oil. Here they will learn diagnostics, working with customers as well as entrepreneurship.
  • Fashion/Nutrition: designed to introduce students to the world of fashion design and merchandising while providing the opportunity to learn the life skill of sewing as well as an opportunity to create their own fashion style.
    Thunderbolt students walk around LHHS learning about different CTE courses they can take when the come to high school.
  • Digital Communications: prepares students to use industry-standard principles, tools, and techniques to collect, write, edit, and present news in a variety of print and online media: newspaper, magazine, yearbook, blog, etc.
  • Public Law and Safety: for students who want to explore the field of police, fire and criminal justice. Students will learn hands on skills in crime scene and police tactics.
  • Marketing: designed to introduce the students to basic marketing concepts and principles as they relate to Professional Sales and Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, Entertainment Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

However, the school didn’t always have this option. “A couple of years ago we had an articulation meeting with the Thunderbolt teachers and the

high school CTE teachers as well as the principals and counselors. We decided that our CTE students at Thunderbolt really needed to see the programs first hand here on campus and it really gives them much more of an eye opening view of the options that they have available,” said CTE Director Marsha Becker. 

Moving forward, if one finds it difficult to choose a career, CTE classes and more importantly the eighth grade tour, can help lead that individual in the right direction.