Student Council Getting Giddy for Lip Dub

Student Council Getting Giddy for Lip Dub

Samantha Martin, Reporter

Bright posters and cameras wave in the air, and music blares through the school’s intercom with students lined up across the entire school campus excited for another school-wide Lip Dub. Lake Havasu High school held its sixth annual Lip Dub, and with smiling faces students sang along to Classic by MKTO, In My Feelings by Drake, Rise by Jonas Blue, Young Blood by 5 Seconds of Summer and Stronger by Kanye West.

All song choices were made by the Student Council and approved by the administration to make sure that the songs are school appropriate, have just the right tempo and a smooth transition so the best outcome is reached. Student Council came up with the idea of performing the Lip Dub for the school back in 2013, and by taking part in an event like the Lip Dub, the students are able to show their school spirit right before the Golden Shovel.

Moreover, it is a great technique for showcasing the entire student body. “[Student Council has] always done the Lip Dub, and it is our favorite thing to do,” said junior Ella Wofford, Associated Student Body Vice President.

The Lip Dub is an event that can be done in just a school day (except for the editing process),  and it helps more students get involved in that purple and gold Knight pride. “I think it is going to be great because we have a lot more songs, and I think everyone will have an amazing time this year,” said sophomore Kovina Sovita.

This 2018 school year the Lip Dub was held on August 31. With students singing their hearts out under the Lake Havasu sun, this has made, once again, Lake Havasu High School history.