Students Inducted into NHS

Reyna Arellanes, Reporter

Welcome to the National Honors Society (NHS). On December 2 students were inducted into NHS, which is a nationwide organization that focuses on performing community service projects. 

Looking to join NHS? For sophomore Colin Redman the best way to become apart of NHS was getting involved. Not only that, but working really hard and standing out to teachers is another way to meet the qualifications for NHS. It takes quite a bit to become a member so it can be rewarding when accepted. 

“It’s an honor to be a part of it; I’m glad to have been chosen,” said Redman. 

What are the requirements to be eligible to join? According  to “How to Become a Member,” students need to have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 GPA scale, have volunteer community service hours, have strong leadership experience and character as well as be cooperative and demonstrate high standards of honesty and reliability. They must also demonstrate courtesy, concern and respect for others while maintaining a clean disciplinary record. 

Who decides who gets accepted? Is it the adviser of the club or the members? It’s actually the board members of the club. They sit in a meeting and go over the applications and decide together who should and shouldn’t be accepted into the club.

If someone doesn’t make it in, it’s not due to meeting the maximum amount of members. NHS at Lake Havasu High School can accept as many students as they want or need, so students who don’t make it in most likely just didn’t meet all of the requirements. 

On the bright side, sophomores and juniors still have next year to give it another try and apply again, but only if they get invited back by maintaining high marks.