Students of Sustainability: Small Changes, Large Impacts

Eboni Boyd, Reporter

Picking up after oneself will remain an important aspect of life until the end of time. Not only does it make things more appealing to the eye, but it also decreases the spread of diseases, protects the wildlife and keeps communities clean.

Science teacher Alisha Porosky started a new club on campus called Students of Sustainability (SOS). Their mission is to make the campus and community more sustainable, as well as increasing awareness of ways in which they can better the environment.

Porosky decided to start SOS after she saw that LHHS doesn’t have an environmental club, along with the rise of environmental changes happening worldwide. “We’re just starting out, but we would like our campus to be more environmentally friendly and for our students to be more aware of that as well,” said Porosky.

Their plans for the school includes E-waste recycling (electronic waste) on campus that allows students and faculty to recycle old electronics that they may have. In addition to recycling the metals and materials contained in these devices, it will also increase biodiversity in forests where animals are endangered due to mining for these materials.

The next time you’re at the park or out and about, don’t hesitate to pick up the garbage you see on the ground. It’s an action that only takes a few seconds but it’s impact lasts a lifetime.