Study Hall Creates New Study Environment


Photo by: Samantha Martin

Samantha Martin, Reporter

Did changes to the study hall class give students an unfair disadvantage? Lake Havasu High School offers a study hall where students can take an hour long class with no credits gained. At the beginning of second semester, the rules changed, and students were blindsided with the new changes.

Before semester break of the 2018–2019 school year, students were able to use that class for studying, but the environment and expectations were fairly lax. This is a no credit class with no curriculum to follow.

However, day one of second semester, students were put on strict watch and plan on how they are supposed to use that class period. Is it unfair that students gain no credit from this class but are made to put in so much work?


While there are two sides to every story, the changes have been met with mixed opinions.



Some students feel that it’s now easier to focus because the room is quieter and more organized. “I feel like the kids who take study hall and don’t like the new changes expect to just goof off and not do anything, which could be a distraction to others who are taking classes online or just trying to get homework done,” sophomore Schyler Perez said.

  • Complete work for online class
  • Get homework done at school
  • Quiet/No distractions
  • Makeup test/quiz/project



Conversely, when students don’t have any homework, they are being handed work in study hall that they don’t get any grades or credit for. Students were also allowed to use their phone for academic reasons, but those were also taken away from them. “Now every time I need to look something up as simple as a definition I have to go to a computer. This is unfair because the computers could already be occupied,” sophomore Joslyn Redman said.

  • No sleeping/lounging
  • No catching up on social media
  • No credit
  • No Socializing
  • No Phones for research/personal reasons


However, the new routine has benefitted some. The librarian Martha Cross explained, “I like that students were forced to come into class prepared. There have only been a couple times where I have had to assign work, and some students actually ask me for work.”

In the end, some support the changes, and some don’t, but study hall is still a class on our campus that must follow rules like everyone else.