T-shirts or Two Hours  

Eboni Boyd, Proofreader

Feelings of pride flit across the girl’s face as she gazes at the first place medals she won in her competition. Along with the medals, she also received a shirt proclaiming the club name and the year of her competition. Overjoyed at being able to boast her talents and accomplishments through her clothes, she wears the shirt to school only to receive a dress code violation and a two hour detention halfway through the day.

As a result of attending a club competition or sporting event, many athletes or club members are given t-shirts for competing in the event. For example, students that competed in the 2019 regionals SkillsUSA competition received a (non-standardized) shirt with the name of the club and the club motto “Career Ready Starts Here.”

However, students are being dress-coded for wearing such shirts. Why would students be dress-coded for wearing a shirt they can only get at a school function? The high school’s handbook states that students may wear an approved club or athlete club shirt as long as it has a school logo.

Photo Credit Eboni Boyd
Wearing club shirts without LHHS’s emblem is causing students to serve two hours of detention. The shirts were given out at the SkillsUSA regionals competition in February, and several students have already been dress-coded for wearing them.

With the school’s limited dress code, students only have so many options to choose from.

Sophomores Erin Wilcox and Kenna Kiekbusch both received a shirt from an FCCLA competition they attended last June. Both girls said that they would love to wear the shirts they receive from competitions to show their club spirit and to change up their shirt options.

Walking around campus, one will often see students wearing these competition shirts, athletic and club. On the other hand, several students have received a two hour detention as a result of wearing their non-standardized competition shirts. While some students may get away with wearing their shirts, many students do not and have to pay the consequence.