Teacher’s Look into Creative Classroom

Abby Lovell, Reporter

Every year of high school, students make new bonds with their teachers, and some of those bonds continue after high school.  Tania Gray, a senior English and Educators Rising teacher, has made bonds with over 100 new students every year. As a young junior high student, she found a love for teaching when she tutored her fellow classmates and younger children. As an eighth grader she knew that being a teacher was her calling.

Primarily, Gray noticed that helping children grow as individuals gave her a positive feeling. She knew from day one that she wanted to be a teacher. She likes to teach English because she finds the subject more interesting. As an English teacher, she believes that English can help bring out the creative side of students. Most of the bonds she makes only last so long because her students graduate, but a few keep in touch. 

Photo Credit: Jessica Deacon
Gray helps students with Beowulf.

As an English teacher, she likes to spend her free time reading although it may sound cliché. She also loves to relax while watching reality TV.  Another activity Gray likes to do is camping with her husband and exploring the west coast. 

With every school year, Gray said she feels excited and a little sad because she didn’t get to see students grow from freshman to senior year. Although she’s a bit sad, she is happy for her students when they  become adults and chase their dreams. 

Throughout students’ senior year, Gray knows she has impacted her students and helped them develop in new ways. She hopes she has taught her students how to constructively fix their problems and how to become better people by the end of the school year.