The Key to Leadership is Through Key Club


Reyna Arellanes, Reporter

Key Club is showing appreciation on and off campus. Every year, for an entire week, Key Club puts on Key Club week which involves showing appreciation for teachers around campus as well as the head Key Club organization Kiwanians. 

On Tuesday, November 5, it was “kudos to key players, where we’re going to be handing out donuts and bagels to all of the staff on campus for helping out” said senior Leyton Schrotberger. This is just one of the many ways that Key Club shows appreciation to the staff here at LHHS.

But their work can’t be done without the help of the Kiwanaians, so in return Key Club will thanking them on Wednesday, November 6. 

If you don’t know what Key Club is, it’s a “community service organization where we do things for the community” said special education teacher and Key Club adviser Ginger Balboni.

Although this activity only lasts for a week, it can take anywhere from two weeks to two months to plan. It takes an extraneous amount of meetings to put together this week as well. 

Thanks to Mrs. Rose-johnson, Ms. Festa and other teachers, Balboni and her students aren’t left to plan Key Club week alone. Meaning that other teachers have given a strenuous amount of ideas and support. 

Another activity put on during the week that really shows appreciation for students and staff is the kindness chain in which they write thank you on them and the members of Key Club give them to the Kawanian members at their meeting. 

Once Key Club week ends, it leads in to their annual fall rally over the weekend. So the week helps the members transition into the rally.