The Story Behind the Persona of El Matematico


Judy Ann Quang, Reporter

Born on a crazy fishing island somewhere in the Antarctic, the personna of El Matematico was brought to life. He went from winning champion matches to converting to a Pre Calculus and Algebra 3-4 teacher and advisor for the Smash Bros Club. 

The persona of El Matematico was created 13 years ago when math teacher Andrew Strom began working at Lake Havasu High School and bought his first wrestling mask from a garage sale. Strom decided to buy the mask as a joke, but one day he decided to bring it to school along with a gold championship belt with the letters NWO in black spray paint. 

He used to wear a light blue mask but he bought a new one with dark maroon and yellow accents. At first, he began using his persona during pep assemblies before or after break. Now, he uses his persona in the classroom and in assemblies. 

Strom tells stories about why he came here and where he was born as El Matematico, his most popular one being “Well I was born on a crazy fishing island somewhere in Antarctica dude, and I decided one day that Strom needed some help being a man. So I show up here teaching the kids how to win championships dude, and teach Algebra man.” 

His persona gives students enthusiasm, brings smiles to their faces and fills his room with laughter. All of which are his favorite parts about teaching as El Matematico as well as, seeing his students grow as individuals. “My favorite part about teaching is seeing the students understanding the material and becoming hardworking and better people because if you can get through life being a tough worker like me that’s just sweet.” 

Ultimately, as Strom continues teaching students how to become hard working adults and making them smile, he will continue his legacy as El Matematico.

“The teacher behind the mask is Andrew Strom who is El Mathematico. This chant that he gives to the students and talk about being a hard worker.”