Top Tips for Acing the ACT

Carly Arsenault, Equipment Manager

The big question. What is so important about taking the ACT? Well, taking the exam opens many doors for a senior in high school. College acceptance and receiving scholarships can be determined from your scores on the test. Although not everyone wants to go to college right out of high school, those who do should follow those steps. Community colleges will look at your score but most likely not use it to accept you.


Average/required scores for:

NAU: 23

ASU: 22

U of A: 25

GCU: 19

MCC: not needed

Coconino Community College: 22 (if you meet all of the requirements, you don’t need the score)

Phoenix College: not needed


Out of state:

UO (University of Oregon): 22

BYU (Brigham Young University): 27


All of the scores are from their websites