VSCO is the New Craze


Photo Credit: Reyna Arellanes

Reyna Arellanes, Reporter

Give me a V, give me an S, give me a C, give me an O, what does that spell? VSCO! But the real question is, what is VSCO? It is actually a website where people share aesthetically pleasing photos, but it has now formed the new freshman stereotype of a VSCO girl where they supposedly say things like: “and I oop,” “sksksksk,” “I almost dropped my hydro flask,” and “save the turtles.”

That’s not it, they are crazy about their hydro flasks, metal straws, Puka Shell necklaces and Pura Vida bracelets, also known as friendship bracelets.

However, are these stereotypes considered a form of bullying? 

“It depends on how you use [the stereotypes]. If you use them in a mean way, then yes, but if you use them in a joking way, then no they are not,” said sophomore Hannah Jackson.

In a way, stereotypes may help some freshmen feel as though they fit in. “It’s just like I am like every other girl; I fit in and I like it,” said freshman Madison Ray. So, maybe these stereotypes aren’t all that bad.

For some students, it’s the other way around. “I don’t want to be stereotyped. I just hangout with people I want to, and I don’t listen to what people label other people,” said freshman Sydnee Reed.

Now, as a sophomore, “I like to mess around with them and make fun of some of the freshmen like the VSCO girls” said Jackson.

At the end of the day, whether freshmen like to be stereotyped or not, it’s going to happen. However, sophomores and upperclassmen can do so in a manner that won’t offend or put freshman down.

Photo Credit: Reyna Arellanes

What’s better than sitting by the pool on a hot summer day with your scrunchies and hydro?