Wagging Tails Brighten Smiles


Eboni Boyd, Proofreader

Finals are right around the corner and students are feeling stressed with the amount of homework and projects they have to do, along with all the tests they have to study for. What better way is there to destress than to interact with the dogs that come onto our campus during lunch.

These dogs and their owners are part of an organization called Love on a Leash. They provide training to family dogs as well as cats and rabbits. Their mission is to bring comfort, happiness and healing to people nationwide through pet-provided therapy. The dog’s main job is to brighten someone’s day, which they do by visiting hospitals, schools, libraries and special education centers.

Chris Nelson had her dog Sawyer trained to be a therapy dog while he was a puppy. Once he turned a year old, he was evaluated and has been putting smiles on peoples’ faces since then. “Therapy dogs just give all of their love to kids,” said Nelson.

If you and your dog want to become a volunteer, you can contact Love on a Leash to find a chapter near you.

After being at LHHS for two years, junior Bailey Wallace gets to spend her lunch with Mocha the Maltipoo for the first time. Mocha showed her a lot of attention. “How have I missed out on these puppies so many times,” said Wallace.