What’s it Like Wednesday: Makeup


Photo Credit Ashley Bucknum

Makeup gets an 8/10

Timothy Palmer, Website Assistant

Makeup is confusing. It can be super expensive and still be poor quality. Plus, there are numerous steps involved in putting it on. It also takes a while, but that’s beyond the point. The real point is what it was like for me, a boy, to wear makeup for the first time ever.

To start off, I had to buy the makeup. Honestly, it was too confusing. How do people do this? Spending more than 15 minutes looking for everything from foundation to eyeliner is ridiculous. Then, I was troubled by finding the color of what I wanted. Since I typically suck with choices, that was super hard.

Finally, after spending what felt like an eternity at the store, we did my makeup. Junior Ashley Bucknum, the beauty guru, was in charge of doing my makeup. Even though we needed to get it done quickly, we spent about 30 minutes or more on the task.

Photo Credit Ashley Bucknum
Posing as the newest beauty guru.

The process felt long and tedious. We had to apply foundation, eyeliner, eyelashes, lipliner and lipstick, blush and a few more things I’ve forgotten the name of.

My face afterwards felt like I had an allergic reaction. It felt so heavy for about 10 minutes. But my eyes—they burned. Maybe it’s the feeling of stuff on my eyes that I couldn’t handle, but they really, really burned.

Now for my debut. First, we went to get food. As I was imagining stuffing my face, the chefs gave me weird looks—obviously stunned by my beauty. While I ate, I tried my best to not ruin the makeup. However, during a phone call, I realized my foundation was all over the phone. After eating, we went to a store. Nobody looked at me funny except for old ladies who were yet again stunned by my beauty.

At the end of the day, I went back home to realize that I didn’t have makeup wipes/remover. After an extremely long shower, my face felt normal again. Overall, I would rate wearing makeup an 8/10. While I felt like I looked great, it was difficult to adjust to the heaviness of the eyes – fake eyelashes, two coats of mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow. Plus, the time it takes to apply and remove makes this a major drawback.