Wrestling Team: the Story Behind the Mat


Judy Ann Quang, Reporter

As the Knights wrestling team entered the new gym, they got ready for the first meet of the 2020 season. The coach made the team line up in preparation for their turn on the mat. Getting ready for his first match, the wrestler did some warm ups and stretches. As the referee blew the whistle calling the first match, the wrestlers rose up and headed towards their positions, sizing each other up on the way. 

The meet was held on January 7, 2020. Adrenaline rushed through their bodies as they shook one another’s hands. As the match commenced, the wrestlers shared an intent to win. The Knights got defeated by four different Varsity and Junior Varsity wrestling teams including Buckeye Union, Estrella Foothills and Shadow Mountain. 

The wrestling team of 2019-2020 faced several setbacks, such as an abundance of inexperienced new members.“This year we lost a lot of seniors on the team. So the wrestling team is still very young and had a big learning curve for everyone, which was the biggest factor in the team. So the guys really didn’t have enough time to excel because they are new to this sport, but they are getting there pretty soon,” said Brandon Horton. 

Despite the pros and cons, Coach Ryan Schumann and Brandon Horton said the team is doing much better than what they expected, leading to the Knights wrestling team being filled with pride this year. Even though the Knights wrestling team is young, they are putting in effort and trying their best to improve. 

“Even after everything we still have a good group of boys that like to work hard by coming in and practicing vigorously. The team is developing substantially faster than we anticipated. Overall, they are hardworking and willing to learn,” said Horton.

Sophomore Aiden Turner, a wrestler on the JV team, gets ahold of his opponent and takes him down.